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Who is the Online Trainer?

Prepare to be inspired by the knowledge and expertise of our distinguished webinar speaker.


Dave Kahle

Author and course leader of all of our Immersion training programs.

Meet Dave, a world recognized leader in Sales Training. Dave brings his best practices and merges them into the Immersion System of learning.  With a proven track record (with hundreds of testimonials) , he'll share real-life case studies and practical skills on how to exceed your best results year after year. 

Who Does the Live Training?

Richard has been called the best sales trainer that you have never heard of.


Richard Nelson

Director of Research and Development at the Center For Sales Performance.

Richard is our senior workshop designer. He occasionally gives live workshops (between 8 and 24 participants). He is an advanced developer of Sales Training and marketing software systems.

Richard has a lifetime score of 4.6 out of 5 in post workshop evaluations and 88% of participants rate his training as "excellent" or "better than expected". 

Frequently asked questions for Immersion Programs by Dave Kahle

Our system allows the salesperson to review the previous material and catch up with the team. You can catch up on modules 1-3, 4-6 and 7-9. To request the modules, send a note to