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CFSP Precision Selling B2B Part One ~ 1 day live

CFSP Precision Selling B2B Part One ~ 1 day live

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This workshop on Sales basics teaches the methods and skills to become a top-producing sales professional.

Discover the best method to win 'accounts and deals' with our core product. This workshop features our "Accelerated Learning" classroom system. Limited to a maximum of 16 participants, this is a fun way for you to learn, and while fully interactive, it is low-stress.

You will learn The Precision Model of Selling. It is based on learning to help your prospects to make buying decisions without pressure. All the key concepts, strategies, and skills are based on today's best sales practices. 

You will discover a powerful communication model that is so persuasive that you need to use it with "integrity."

They were designed for B2B sales reps and high-ticket item B2C sellers. 
This program is designed for you by the Center For Sales Performance.

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